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Custom Artwork for the Designer

"Art and design are dancers within any given space"

Jacqueline has always had an appreciation for interior design. In particular, a passion for textiles and colour. The artist has completed the interior design of both her home and cottage, and her award-winning gardens are often an inspiration for her work.

The relationship between interior design and art is complex. With careful consideration, Jacqueline will embark on the creation of art specifically for the designer's project. The artist takes into account specific factors that make artwork coalese with the environment designers create.


For the home or office, abstract art can be versatile, especially within the creation of a modern space. It can be a compelling focal point for the viewer, or it can be utilized to simply enhance the context of the environment it is placed within.

To assist designers in completing their spaces, custom artwork, whether traditional or abstract, can be created from the artist's studio. The artwork can be done in many different sizes, colours, and price points. Custom framing is available.

Please contact the artist for more information.

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